Homeless Bоу Gіvеs Thіs Dog Hіs Sweater To Keep Hіm Warm

 The people who find it easiest to serve and do good for those in need are frequently those with the fewest obstacles. And in this lovely narrative, we can clearly see an illustration of this.

A scene caught the attention of filmmaker Mohammad Belaal Imran as he was strolling and taking pictures in the neighborhood of Bahadurabad in Karachi, Pakistan. He insisted on taking pictures of the scene. A stray puppy was dressed in a human-sized long-sleeved tracksuit.

Only after a boy who was walking down the street without shoes and carrying a bag of balloons began playing with the dog and forced him to stand still was Mohammad able to take a picture of him.

The boy not only lends the dog his coat, but also helps feed it. (Image: Copied from Facebook by Mohammad Belaal Imran)

In a post on his Facebook profile, Mohammad stated, "I saw this dog last night in Bahadurabad wearing a full-sleeved shirt, and as I was trying to capture him, this boy came calling 'Jaggu, Jaggu,' and the dog went crazy.

The boy, who appears to be one of the numerous street children who reside in the area, lent his coat, according to the filmmaker, so that the dog could stay warm that night.

The puppy appeared to be having a great time with the boy and obeying his commands, according to the filmmaker who observed the two friends and spoke to the boy. Mohammad remarked, "I have never seen a stray dog play like he was with this child. The boy, according to the man, was the one who assisted in feeding the dog.

A campaign to raise money and provide assistance for the boy and the dog was started online, according to Mohammed. The funds raised will be used, among other things, to buy clothes, food, shelter, and medical care for both the boy and the dog.

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