Little Puppy Who Has A Permanent Big Smile On His Face Brings Joy To Everyone

 The protagonist of this tale is Chevy, a nine-year-old Pomeranian who resides in Kettering, Ohio, with his parents. Chevy is unique in that he smiles continually, which helped him become well-known in his community.

Tina Marcum Denlinger, Chevy's mother, claimed that Chevy has never experienced a bad day. He is happy virtually all the time! When he eats or goes for walks, he rejoices! He's just perpetually joyful!

The dog once went camping and hiking with his family, two activities they truly enjoy. He sits on the front seat of his parents' golf cart and looks about.

Everyone at the campground, according to Denlinger, is familiar with him! Chevy's parents claimed that only when he is cold or uncomfortable does his smile vanish. But as soon as he receives a treat, he beams once more! How Amusing!

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