Man Can’t Stop Crying Tears Of Joy When He Finds Out He Can Keep His Foster Dog

 Ann Hoang didn't anticipate their first dog-fostering experience would have such a profound impact, especially on her husband. The Hoangs wanted to expand their pack of dogs at the moment, but they already had Charlie, their first dog, to care for.

The family was unsure about their ability to handle the added burden of another dog. They made the decision to try fostering rather than adopting.

The Hoangs reasoned that if they were capable of caring for a dog in foster care, they could adopt a rescue animal. The Hoangs and Toby met in this manner.

Toby is a South Korean rescue dog who was sent to a safe house in the United States. "Band For Animal," a non-profit group that works to prevent dogs from being put to death or falling victim to the meat-market trade, saved him from the shelter.

Fortunately, the Hoangs took care of Toby right away. Toby first feared and was wary of his new surroundings. Toby gradually became comfortable thanks to his foster family's affection and support.

Toby and Mr. Hoang connected right away when they were seated next to one another on the first evening. After that evening, Toby started to come into his own, and Charlie even grew to adore him.

The family grew closer than before. Toby won over everyone's love in just one week. Ann Hoang was heartbroken to consider how upset they would all be if Toby was adopted.

Ann Hoang told The Dodo, "We had two families that wanted to set up a meeting with Toby, and when that happened, I suddenly understood how devastated my husband would be without him."

Only one week had passed, but my husband and Toby were already inseparable. My husband is a very giving person who constantly puts the needs of others before his own. Hoang said, "He's never really asked for anything or wanted anything desperately.

Ann made the decision to make contact with the shelter with the goal of formally adopting Toby. She and the staff devised a surprise for her husband because getting a dog required a house inspection.

The crew that went to the Hoangs to conduct the house inspection pretended to be prospective adopters for Toby. The staff gave the Hoangs a card after the home assessment indicating that they were allowing the family to legally adopt Toby.

Mr. Hoang received the card from a staff member, and as soon as he opened it, he started crying so hard that it brought the entire room to tears.

Ann Hoang remarked, "I expected he would be happy, but never in a million years did I anticipate he would cry so much. I have never seen him respond this way before! Although he is sensitive, this was beyond anything I've ever seen.

Because Ann Hoang and her husband wanted to see if they could handle another puppy, they made the decision to become foster parents. So they ran into Toby.

Toby was airlifted to the US after being rescued in South Korea. Fortunately, the Hoangs took him in right away and placed him in their foster home.

Toby was exceedingly cautious and afraid at first, but he gradually grew accustomed to his surroundings. He sat next to Mr. Hoang on his first night, and they hit it off right away.

After a week, Toby had become so used to the family that it was impossible to tell that he was a foster dog. He can be seen here kissing Charlie:

They all grew to love Toby, particularly Mr. Hoang. Ann Hoang eventually came to the conclusion that losing Toby would break their hearts. She chose to formally adopt Toby by getting in touch with the animal shelter.

Ann Hoang devised a surprise for her husband with the assistance of the personnel at the shelter. He wept with joy after being startled.

He received a card from the team who performed the home inspection informing him of the good news, and at first he didn't believe it.

Ann came up with a scheme with the rescue team, pretending to be Toby's prospective adoptive. Toby was crying while being held by Ann's husband because he was so overjoyed.

Even Ann and the rescue team started to cry.

He was supposed to be happy, but Ann told The Dodo, "Oh my goodness, I never in a million years anticipated he would cry so much."

"I've never seen him respond to anything in this way before! Although he is sensitive, this was more than I had ever witnessed, she said.

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