Dоg Gоt His Christmаs Wish Tо Find а Fоrеvеr Hоmе

 UPDATE: According to Christina Hill of the Atlanta Humane Society, Boss was adopted after a family visited the shelter, saw him, and "fell in love."

Boss, a dog, was abandoned by his family when he was 9 years old because they could no longer care for him.

Earlier this year, he was left at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS). He is still looking for a family 281 days after his orphanage closed.

The temperature is dropping, and the days are growing shorter. Boss may or may not recall what it was like to spend the holidays cuddling up with a family, but something in the way he acts suggests that he does remember what a beautiful time of year winter can be in a forever home.

Boss, a Staffordshire spaniel mix, spent some time in a foster home where he could demonstrate his sweetness.

In a statement to The Dodo, his foster mother Deborah Lareau said of him: "His name, Boss, suits because when we walk around the neighborhood people stare at him with respect and adoration because of how dignified he appears." However, Cupcake might be a better name for him because of his sweetness dog-ified.

Now, a kind donor has promised to pay Boss' adoption fee in order to assist him in finding a home. The staff at the shelter also hopes that a family would adopt this adorable canine before the holidays.

Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications at AHS, told The Dodo that Boss would probably thrive best in a household without other pets because "he enjoys belly rubs and running about in the yards outside."

Despite being elderly, he still has many years of love and enjoyment left to give, according to Lareau.

Visit the Atlanta Humane Society at 981 Howell Mill Road if you're interested in adopting Boss.

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