What Happened To A Poor Puppy Falling Into A Deep Sleep For The 1st Time?

 From inside a deep drain, there is a sound like mournful weeping. Oh my..

On a day with heavy rain, a poor puppy is stuck in the water pipe. Could this puppy be rescued in a secure manner?

The puppy laid her head on her mother at that precise moment. I lost heart to it.

Read some positive comments:

You guys are so heartfelt. We appreciate how much you look out for the less fortunate dogs.

We appreciate you rescuing these poor dogs. Animal care must improve. They are close friends of ours. Blessings.

It's admirable to see the effort these people made to save a small animal. also to draw attention to the pain and harm brought on by those restrictive metal collars. The doctor was so sweet and caring. I appreciate everything you do.

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