Injured Police Officer Is Visited By K9 Partner In Hospital

 Police officers suffer injuries or worse on the job every year, all throughout the nation. They go to work every day to protect and serve the public, just as Officer Webb Sistrunk did the day he was shot in the shoulder, despite the risks that most people will never experience.

When Auburn Police Department K9 Officer Sistrunk responded to a call about a domestic dispute, it was just another ordinary day. Officers were sent to the location after a lady contacted 911 and reported being injured.

Tragically, though, this day would not finish the same as any other. At the home in Auburn's Arrowhead Park, Sistrunk and his fellow police were greeted at the door by a man armed with a rifle and wearing body armor. The suspect shot at the officers as he appeared to be waiting for them to arrive.

Tragically, police officers Webb Sistrunk and Evan Elliott suffered injuries, while officer William Buechner passed away. Fortunately, Officer Sistrunk survived the event and received treatment at a nearby hospital.

He received a special visitor three days after the incident: Sistrunk's partner, K9 Leon, was allowed to visit him in the hospital. K9 Leon was ecstatic to see his lover in good health and surrounded by loving family and friends.

The cheerful K9, however, didn't appear to get why his mate wouldn't allow him to immediately go into the hospital bed with him. He just wanted to give his partner and friend lots of kisses because he was so happy to see him.