New Jersey Rescuers Save 'Gentle' Senior Dog Abandoned Outside on a Short Chain in the Cold

 Rescuers are caring for a 10-year-old Rottweiler they found left outside a house in Neptune Township, New Jersey, on a short chain with no food or water.

The 10-year-old Rottweiler was found outside a home in Neptune Township, New Jersey, on a short chain with no food or water. Rescuers are taking care of the dog.

The dog, named Coco, was discovered over the Christmas holiday by the Neptune Township Police Department, according to a Facebook post from the Monmouth County SPCA, which is now taking care of the animal. To help the dog, the police contacted the Monmouth County SPCA's animal control division.

"A beautiful senior Rottie named Coco experienced terrible neglect over the Christmas break. She was abandoned outside on a concrete pad, attached to a short chain, without food or water, and exposed to the elements after the pipes at her former owner's house froze. In below-freezing conditions, Coco spent three nights alone and disoriented "On social media, the Monmouth County SPCA posted an update.

The elderly dog was saved by the SPCA and sent to their shelter, where she was given food, water, and lots of rest. According to the Monmouth County SPCA, bloodwork performed by the rescue revealed that Coco "may have kidney stones, as well as a genetic eye problem that compromises her vision and is likely the result of reckless mating."

Coco will remain at the shelter while she recovers. She is referred to online by the staff as a "kind, loyal, and loving dog."

The Monmouth County SPCA stated in their Facebook post, "We encourage anybody interested in her to keep an eye on our social media and website for updates - this girl deserves a loving home! ", even though she is not yet available for adoption.

The dog's former owners will be prosecuted with two counts of animal cruelty: brutal restraint and failing to give the required care, according to the New Jersey animal shelter.

The Neptune Police Department said in response to a request for comment regarding the allegations: "All releases will be made by the Monmouth County SPCA."

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