Rescue of abandoned skinny sick dog without hope will melt your heart. Meet Hopi!

 A photo and a call about a skinny, ill puppy that was wandering the streets were sent to @DogRescueShelter. This kind boy was afflicted with two illnesses.

Hopi is the happiest dog right now because he is living in a loving home with his new family.

I appreciate the great family very much.

Read some positive remarks.

Godspeed to these admirable dog rescuers. They acted as heroes by rescuing dogs every day. The amount of suffering she has to endure is just heartbreaking. What a gorgeous dog. Thanks

You do amazing job, man. I really appreciate how much you seem to truly cherish all dogs, just like I do. They communicate it so effectively that you immediately show them all of your affection. The fact that these canines are now receiving true human kindness must mean the world to them.

The time was right to save that young beauty. Without Your aid, I couldn't have survived on the streets since I was so sick and worn out. I appreciate that very lot, Milan. lovely rescue, as usual. From Denmark, Warmest Regards. ❤🐾