Scared Dog Suffered a Lot & Being Met with Hatred by Every Man he Went to for Help

 A miserable puppy was seen wandering the streets while in pain, and Fahrudin Caki Bravo received a plea for assistance.

We arrived to help, and after spending days looking, we eventually located him. We then brought him to the veterinarian for care.

Read some positive comments:

OMG!!! What happened to this poor creature is inconceivable to me. God bless him and you for taking such good care of him. Many thanks to the fantastic vet team for the successful surgery. I want to thank you all for helping him through this long recovery process, not just physically but also mentally because I know how traumatized that poor puppy was. I want to know the location. I appreciate you finding him a good adoptive family. Be happy in life, my love. You merit it wholeheartedly. Godspeed to everyone!

A brave dog, indeed. How someone could leave a sweet puppy like this abandoned baffles me. At the very least, leave him at a clinic or animal shelter. I'm grateful that you saved him and gave him the life he deserved.

I feel bad for the dog who has an ear loss. I hope he receives the love he deserves and his everlasting home. Many thanks for saving his life and rescuing him.

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  • Anonymous October 13, 2023 at 4:31 AM

    I am so thankful there is kind people out there will take these babies and because there's so many cruel l people especially grown ups, that's ridiculous that are grown up person. Would treat a baby like that. They have something mentally wrong with them and they need help. Thank God the baby got help


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