She Dragged On The Street With Her Feet Wet And Muddy, Cold From The Rain All Morning

 She spent the entire morning there dragging herself along the street, her feet caked in muck and drenched in rain.

She was unwell and hurt.

She was nearly powerless and extremely chilly.

She stood in the rain for hours.

She must have dragged a lot because her entire body was covered in mud.

Her wound hurts, but it hurts more than the person who left her alone and without anyone to help.

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  • Anonymous January 19, 2023 at 5:30 PM

    There are humans who have no love in their hearts for animals of any kind ,the thing they don’t seem to realise that animals are a gift from God to us so we are no longer alone or unloved,and never ask us for anything but love and a little food.


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