Tiny Puppy was attacked by her mother, Rib is sticking out, But Overcome & grown into adorable girl

 She overcame being attacked by her mother, getting impaled by her own rib, surviving pneumonia, and developing into an absurdly adorable, spirited young child.

Riblet is now beginning her hunt for her forever family.

Read some positive comments:

There must have been a lot of stress on the mother. Just now, the puppy was saved in time. but had significant wounds.

Bless the vets, the caregivers, and the adorable dog.

OMG!!! Look at that precious baby, she is very lovely! I appreciate you saving her life! After such a terrible beginning to life, she now has an opportunity to live a life full of love that she so well deserves! You can't help but feel drawn to that face! Little angel, may you live a long and fulfilling life!

She was saved just in time, and thanks to medical care, she has a second chance to see and enjoy the world. Hopefully, she will soon find a loving home. Stay blessed, rescuers and doctors!