Wire cutting into a dog’s neck nearly killed him.

 We were surprised to see the injured dog running in pain and uncertainty in the middle of the road with a wire embedded around his neck that was cutting down to the muscle when we responded to a plea for help.

We had no choice but to use a net to capture him since we couldn't risk him escaping, which would have meant certain death.

When we returned him to Animal Aid, we cut the wire and started his life-saving treatment: IV fluids, antibiotics, wound care, and medications.

Given the harm the wire had done to his entire neck, we simply cannot image the agony he had undergone for possibly many weeks.

It's amazing that he was still able to find the strength to look for food and drink in the face of such a terrible wound.

We are incredibly appreciative to our donors for making it possible for us to save this precious kid, whom we called Sage, and give him back his life in addition to relieving his suffering.

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