He left the house in sadness when the owner lied about everything

 Feyda was adopted by a man who promised to look after and heal him. I witnessed things during one trip to Feyda that I had never imagined.

Feyda left me, we took care of him at the hospital together, and as time passed, thanks to everyone's love and efforts, Feyda recovered and discovered happiness. the fresh joy he now experiences.

Read some positive comments:

Blessings and appreciation for assisting in Fedya's recovery and finding a warm, loving home. Yes, it required loving care in addition to medication, which you lavished upon it. It's lovely to witness his joy, smile, and tail wag.

That doggo is good. I'm happy to see that he's in much better shape now than he was before.

I appreciate you saving this baby. We are all grateful for your efforts! Now he looks fantastic.

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