He was about to crawl away when he saw the doctor and the miracle happened

 Nobody is aware of Suzy's origins; they only know that he can only crawl on the streets.

We shared the doctors' optimism that he would experience miracles similar to those experienced by other dogs, and love and faith were what propelled Him to new heights.

Suzy is continuously healthy and content, and we anticipate that he will soon be able to run joyfully with the other dogs.

Read some positive comments:

Every time I see a dog like Susie, I start crying. He's a gorgeous puppy. till you came along, I was depressed. I'm so happy you found him or that he found you because love is capable of so much. You are a really kind person for taking care of him and giving him the life he deserves.

Always may God bless you. Suzy is on my mind and in my prayers that she will recover and lead a happy life. The way people treat their pets is a good indicator of a person's moral character. I enjoy dogs.

Seeing these adorable dogs in such terrible shape breaks my heart. We appreciate you saving these two lovely dogs. When these animals virtually force themselves to walk once again, it is a miracle. I'm interested in how both of these canines will appear in a year.