Little Puppy Hugged & Kissed His Weak Mother Hope Love Can Save Her From Contamination...

On November 1st, a girl sent us a WhatsApp message begging for assistance. She claimed to have seen a puppy crying close to its sick mother, 

who had been poisoned while attempting to obtain food for her pups. The puppy simply stayed with his mother and didn't go because of the mother's love...

Read some positive comments:

I appreciate the girl getting in touch with you to beg for assistance for the mother dog and her puppy.

I appreciate you treating the mother dog and her babies, as well as the veterinarian. The family is overjoyed to be reunited in the shelter.

Thank you, Lord, for this person who called these good Samaritans to assist the lovely family. God, please bless them and everyone who helped save them. I hope they get well and mend, and I pray they have a family to love them every day of their lives.

Mom and puppy are adorable. Thank you for helping out Mom and the pet. My Heron, dogs, and

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