Scared Tiny Puppy Hide From People And Received My Big Love

 He is just too cute! I appreciate you saving him. As evidenced by his wagging tail, he is overjoyed to have a house and a caring family.

My best wishes go out to the new owners of this adorable puppy.

Read some positive comments:

You guys are like angels for saving this poor puppy, so thank you very much! Continue your good deeds!

What a sweet little dog. I can't help but compare him to a plush toy. I'm so happy you were able to save this little one. You have good character.

Oh my goodness, they're so tiny and cute. I need him! He has such a sweet, young face. I appreciate you finding him and saving him. Whoever abandoned him there did it in a very horrible way. Kisses and hugs to this adorable infant.

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