Dog alerts store owners that he doesn’t belong to couple he came in with and has been dognapped

 Although you can't communicate with animals unless you're Dr. Dolittle, they do have a communication system. An adorable Australian shepherd puppy named Vango, who is five months old, did just that to save himself from dog-grabbers. The shrewd dog and his dognappers entered a store, and the four-footer cunningly informed the store owners that something wasn't right.

All of this transpired in a pet shop in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Vango never stopped barking and yelling for the store owner to pay attention.

In addition to working at the shop, Yves Jodoin is a dog trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux. He is undoubtedly knowledgeable about dog behavior and was able to recognize right away that something was seriously wrong.

Initially, Yves assumed that the four-footer was simply hungry and barking in anticipation of a treat. Vango continued to bark even after being given a cookie, which made Yves more and more suspicious.

Dog trainer and employee Yves Jodoin told CBC Canada that the dog was "barking, poking, and really wanted my attention." "The dog was still barking even though I was giving it cookies."

The employee began to piece things together when the couple who brought Vance into the store couldn't even respond to straightforward questions about the dog.

Suspicions started to surface, and as Yves started to inquire about the dog in more fundamental ways, things only got worse. The couple didn't even know his age, whether he had been sterilized, what foods he typically preferred, where he was from, or how much they had paid for him.

The man remembers that "they were ducking the questions."

Fortunately, Lydia Blouin, another employee, also picked up on the oddity. Lydia looked through the local social media pages to see if there were any reports of lost pets. They quickly discovered Vango's photograph online after learning that he had been reported missing. A few hours before he arrived at the store, the dog was reportedly last seen at his Buckingham home.

Then, Yves suddenly realized that he already knew Vango because he had raised him as a puppy!

As that happened, I said, "Vango, come!" The dog was responding by jumping, according to the dog trainer. “ He continuously barked and prodded, trying to communicate, "Hey, I'm not the dog they claim I am.

The couple was forced to acknowledge that it wasn't their dog. Because the woman couldn't afford a dog and was in terrible condition, they claimed to have found Vango in the woods and wanted to retain him as a support animal for themselves. Of fact, the woman in question had been caught, but Yves was able to persuade her to leave the animal at the shop.

The employee then dialed Josée Francoeur, the actual owner of Vango.

The genuine owner of Vango was greatly taken aback because she knew that her dog wouldn't simply run off on his own. Vango appeared in the fence-enclosed yard for a split second before disappearing completely.

Is it possible that he was abducted? I asked myself, "Who could do that?" It is not possible.

A huge relief came with Yves' phone call.

She said, "I can't talk about it without crying." "Imagine, I would have lost my puppy for good if those people hadn't gone to that pet store."

Although Vango was not microchipped, Josée had previously scheduled an appointment to have it done so that similar incidents wouldn't happen again.

She made a formal report to the neighborhood police about the dog-grabbers.

I don't want to make them uncomfortable. We are unaware of their motivation. The owner said, "But at the same time, they took my baby. I wish to warn others against doing this.

Vango is once more in the care of his devoted owner as a result of his deft behavior. What a clever dog!

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