His Swollen Belly Got So Big, He Couldn’t Breath Then Got Abandoned At Night In Our Shelter…

 The little helpless puppy was abandoned in front of our animal shelter on the chilly morning of January 15, 2023. We knew we had to act fast to save the puppy because his stomach was so swollen it looked like a toad.

Veterinarians quickly examined the puppy and determined that he had ascitis. a condition where there is an excess of fluid in the stomach, causing it to expand.

Numerous factors can contribute to ascitus, so we knew blood tests were necessary to identify the root of the puppy's condition.

We met because we were worried that he might not survive because we were aware that the fluid created in his abdomen could lead to serious complications.

The puppy eventually started to get better with constant care and attention from a dedicated team. The puppy's belly shrank gradually, and almost all the fluid was expelled from his abdomen.

We were ecstatic to see him becoming more animated and playful as well as showing an interest in his surroundings.

The puppy never lost his playful and lovable attitude in the face of obstacles. He loved cuddling up to the members of our team, and he was always excited to play with his toys.

As the days turned into weeks, the puppies' contributions to Pierre's progress kept getting better. We closely followed his development and provided the care he required to fully recover.

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