Vets say that dogs do these during their final moments, and it is heartbreaking…

 I would advise you to stop reading now if you don't want to start crying uncontrollably.

Animal enthusiast and Twitter user @jessi dietrich recently wrote about a question she asked her veterinarian and the heartbreaking response she received.

"Asked my vet what the hardest part of his job was &he said when he has to put an animal down 90% of owners don't actually want to be in the room when he injects them thus the animal's dying minutes are usually them desperately looking around for their owners & honestly it crushed me," she posted on July 26.

The veterinarian described it to when your closest friend is needed most but isn't present. It's difficult not to relate to the frantic feeling, which I'm sure we've all experienced at least once in our lives. While writing this, my eyes are literally watering.

Since she tweeted this extremely upsetting truth, her message has received hundreds of comments, more than 140,000 likes, and 41,000 retweets.

The majority of the comments came from other pet owners who had endured staying with their dying animals through euthanasia. Many people commented on how difficult their decisions were. But nearly all of the animal lovers concurred that they merely wished to provide their dogs with love and calm in their final moments.

Unsurprisingly, many more people expressed contempt at pet parents for truly leaving their furry pals alone in their time of greatest need.

The OP replied to her many commenters who had expressed how sad they felt after seeing her tweet once it started to gain traction.

"I just wanted to raise awareness; I didn't mean to break anyone's heart!" She said, "I'm very sorry:).

It appears that she was successful in raising awareness. Shortly after her tweet went viral, an animal hospital in New Zealand published a message on its Facebook page with the similar title, "from a tired, broken-hearted vet."

They look for their loved one in every face in the room, according to the Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital post. They're sick, afraid, old, or dying of cancer, and they need your comfort. They don't understand why you left them. The person goes on to label folks who don't stay with their pets as cowards.

Although this article drew some criticism for its use of violent language, the majority of the other comments were supportive, and many pet owners felt that it's crucial to stay by the side of a dying animal.

The Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital's message received 128,000 shares and 24,000 likes, much like the previous tweet.

I, for one, firmly believe that family pets should remain with their owners until death. So whatever you stand on this issue, right about now you should go give your favorite furry child a big bear hug.

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  • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 1:14 PM

    I couldn't leave them if I wanted to............................

    • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 1:49 PM

      They need us to be there as we do as well, even if we don't realize it. We have put three dogs to rest over the years and have stayed with all of them to their last breath. Yes, it's heartbreaking, but, it is comfort to the dog and closure for the owner. Stay with them !!!!!

      • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 2:54 PM

        I would only put my dog down if in extreme pain. To me if you put a dog down due to age, you are a coward!! They love you so take care of them until they die!! I will be with my q7 year old until she takes her last breath. She is partially blind and can't hear much, but that is no reason to put her down. She goes to the vet and is as healthy as she can be for her age.

        • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 4:47 PM

          I had to put my 5 year old sweet Lexie girl down about a year and a half ago and when the time comes for other 2 pitties, I will be there with them, the last thing I want them to amis my face, they have been with me through it all and every single day they wake up wagging their tails and kissing me, they are loyal to the end, it is the least that we can do for all of the love they give us♥️♥️♥️

          • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 5:16 PM

            My husband and I have been given the devastating news the our Bichon Shitzu “Lucy” has
            Been given a limited time to live. We will stay by her side till the very end, be it euthanized or
            Otherwise we want our faces to be the last she will see,

            • Anonymous March 27, 2023 at 8:03 PM

              I totally agree as hard as it is to see your loved pet being put to sleep they need you there and it’s very quick and painless for your pet I’ve had to do this 3 times in my life and it’s hard but important for our beloved pet to be there at the last moment I have never regretted it and never will

              • Anonymous March 28, 2023 at 8:30 AM

                Was with everyone at their last breadth

                • Anonymous March 28, 2023 at 8:36 AM

                  I’ve done this four times, heartbreaking though it is, I’d never dream of leaving my dog to go through this on their own. I owe it to everyone of them, to show the the ultimate sacrifice. All my dogs have shared my life, been my best friend. They’ve share every sad and every happy occasion with me. It never gets any easier, each time I’ve done it I’ve been totally heartbroken. I dread the day I have to do it with my present fur baby, hopefully that’s a long way off. 🌈 💔 🐾

                  • Anonymous March 29, 2023 at 5:00 AM

                    My beloved dog kept leaving the room and I think he didn't want me to see him pass away. He started having seizures so we rushed him to the vet but he passed away on the way. I just wish I had been more comforting instead of crying but I was holding him so at least he wasn't alone. He had heart failure and we fought hard for him for six months but his heart just couldn't go any more. He was 15 years old.

                    • Anonymous March 29, 2023 at 3:32 PM

                      I thought they’re put asleep before they get injected with the shot, so do they mean they’re looking frantically before that part?? Family friend just had to do this and said she was holding him and they gave a shot that made him sleep so hard that he was snoring, and she cradled him a bit longer until they gave the other shot :(

                      • Anonymous March 29, 2023 at 6:27 PM

                        Dreading the day...

                        • Anonymous March 29, 2023 at 7:14 PM

                          Once upon a time you were not allowed to be with the dog. When one of my dogs died at home the other stayed with him right up to the end.. When she had to be put to sleep I was glad to stay with her and just as she died she lifted her head and licked my face..

                          • Anonymous March 30, 2023 at 8:16 AM

                            I wouldn’t be anywhere else but right by their side.

                            • Anonymous April 22, 2023 at 4:46 AM

                              It is just the same for cats. I have stayed by their side to reassure and comfort each of my cats during their last moments, and each time, they have looked into my eyes.

                              • Anonymous April 22, 2023 at 1:10 PM

                                Our beautiful Macy (lab/shepherd mix) was only five years old. We were on vacation and our kids texted us that she was sick, salivating while she was trying to drink, vomiting. We got home and the once most beautiful, healthy dog was skeletal. She was suffering and we had to get her to the vet. She was so small and limp. We held her paws as the injection was admiistered, watched her close her eyes forever. It’s so hard, but sometimes the kindest thing you can do for a beloved pet.

                                • Anonymous May 25, 2023 at 10:47 AM

                                  My wee dog died in my arms as we fell asleep together.I’m glad that myself and my other dachshund were present as she is settled and not seeking him out❤️


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