Days Passed While This Dog Lay By The Roadside Pleading For Assistance But No One Responded To His Cry

 The Angel Project reportedly received a complaint about a helpless puppy that was lying motionless beside the road. A hundred people passed by while he was there for days, but no one wanted to help.

Some kind people give him bread, water, and a little shell where he may live beneath the hot sun.

They quickly arrived and brought the poor puppy in for an examination and treatment at the vet. just 1.8 kg. He is only skin and bones, and he is starving. He has a shattered pelvis. His spinal disc needed to be fixed surgically.

The baby is too little to handle everything at once. They hope the procedure will go well and that it will look better if they correct his spine and the backs of his feet.

The procedure proceeded successfully after two days. After the treatment, a skeleton was created, along with fractured pieces, extended nerves, and even links.

General was in excellent condition and even went home with his foster parents a month later. He was accepted into a forever family after only a few short days in his foster home.

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