A traumatized puppy rescued from a dogfighting ring is slowly learning to trust humans again.

 Sadly, despite regulations being in place to prevent it, dogfighting is still a major issue in this country.

Owners of dogfighting operations keep dozens, often even hundreds, of canines in appalling circumstances. The dogs—typically pit bulls—are chained up outside and never receive proper medical attention.

In the dogfighting ring, they are compelled to fight each other aggressively, with the docile canines being viciously assaulted and beaten. The majority of the time, those injured canines are basically left to perish after being ruled unfit for combat.

The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, thankfully, are working hard to save as many of these wretched pups as they can while collaborating with law enforcement to hold their owners accountable to the greatest extent of the law.

One of the canines saved from a horrific existence in dogfighting is Olivia. She was involved in a dogfighting ring in South Carolina along with 274 other canines.

She had been in at least two fights prior to being recovered, as evidenced by her injuries, according to the rescuers.

She was found by them terribly malnourished, chained to a tree outside, and without access to food or water.

She underwent severe physical and emotional damage, but rescuers made it their goal to restore her to health.

Olivia is relearning how to have faith in others after experiencing love and compassion for the first time. Rescuers are optimistic that despite her sluggish but steady recovery, she will return to full strength soon.

You must watch her tremendous metamorphosis, which has already begun! You would never realize from the way she currently appears the terrible life she left behind.

Check out the video below to see her story:

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