Strength is not necessary, a loud voice will do! Internet amazed by video of barking dog bravely ѕсагіпɡ off leopard.

 Wild cats typically pounce on small creatures. But have you ever considered a dog frightening a leopard away? It seems implausible. However, a stray dog can be seen doing just that in a popular YouTube video.

On November 2, Twitter user Jaiky Yadav posted the video online. A dog is shown in the video dozing off on a road while a leopard tries to pounce on it. The dog puts on a brave face by barking at the leopard instead of fleeing the situation. The dog continues to bark angrily at the leopard from where he is standing, forcing the animal to retreat back into the woods.

"Agar ye darr jata, toh pakka marr jata (If he had been afraid, he would have undoubtedly perished)" is the caption on the post. The post has received more than 1.17 lakh views and 5600 likes since it was uploaded on the microblogging platform. Additionally, the 10-second viral film has sparked a lot of user responses.

"He is scared, but he has dared to protest in fear, so he may have survived," a user said. Fear is normal, but giving up the fight because of it is wrong. 

"A dog will hold its tail lower and may even tuck it between his back legs if it feels afraid or submissive. Here, The Dog is either exceedingly frightened or incredibly obedient toward the Cheetah.As a result, another person said, "The dog here holds its tail tightly against its belly instead of.

The best kind of defense is offense, a third person said.

"Killing a dog is not a huge issue for a leopard. Strange that it couldn't finish its work, a fourth individual remarked.