After Sulking for ‘A Million Dog Moments,’ She’s Told Daddy’s Coming Home: Heartwarming Reunion Awaits.

 One devoted dog's heart fractured into a million pieces when she had to say goodbye to her father. Her father went to serve his country for thirty-two days. Even though it was only 32 days, she described it in the film as "a million dog moments."

The dog pouted and waited for her dad to come home every day. When that day eventually arrived, the dog's response was amazing! As soon as Dad arrived into the driveway, Mom opened the door. The as he stepped out of his truck, the adorable puppy ran toward him.

Her actions, where she almost topples the guy out of love, are too adorable to ignore! The dog is ecstatic! Leaping over him and swaying back and forth. Her dad, amazingly, responded exactly the same way she did. They are genuinely connected, as evidenced by his embraces and cuddles. It's indeed a breathtaking sight! I appreciate you serving our nation, sir.

Play the video below to see the soldier reunited with his favorite dog!

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