Camera Catches Sweet Pittie Girl Jumping Over Kennel Wall To Hang Out With Her Friend

They were put in two separate kennels next to each other, not being able to hang out like they used to before…

 The one unquestionable quality of dogs has to be their loyalty! Two Pittie girls are shown in an enduring friendship captured on tape by the local Minneapolis animal shelter's security camera! 

Pieties The plan for Brenda and Linda, her street companion, to be best friends didn't sit well with Brenda. They were separated and placed in adjacent kennels, preventing them from hanging out as they had in the past.

Everyone in the kennel's hearts were warmed by what transpired next.

The two pit bull girls had formed a bond and were discovered exploring Minneapolis's streets together. Minneapolis Animal Care & Control offered these dogs a temporary home after saving the two of them.

Unaware of the strong attachment between the two, the MACC personnel placed the Pittie females in different kennels next to one another. However, Brenda was not at all fond of the arrangement!

She chose to jump a five-foot cement wall against all obstacles in order to be near her pal who lived next door. 

Unaware of the specific events that had occurred, the MACC volunteers discovered Brenda in Linda's kennel when they arrived at work the following morning! 

Upon examining the security tape, they discovered that Brenda had jumped the wall to spend time with her friend from the shelter!

The MACC's Danielle Joerge reports that everyone was taken aback by Brenda's endearing behavior, as she refused to spend even a moment apart from her street companion.

Eventually, the Pitties were transferred to a larger kennel by the shelter workers so they could live together permanently. After some time, they released the security tape to their fans, sparking hundreds of incredibly moving responses from across the country.

When the video was released, they had no idea how many people would be interested in adopting these two girls! They didn't want Linda and Brenda to ever split ways again, therefore the only requirement was to adopt them both together.

Just one day after the video was released, Kathy Walker and her husband adopted these Pittie girls and placed them in a forever home following a thorough screening process!

Now that they have new pawrents, Brenda and Linda are content to spend every moment with one another. They've been waiting for this for a long time, and now they've got it all—a joyful place where they can be who they really are!

In response to a question about whether Kathy was concerned that Brenda would start jumping fences, she said:

"She won't become one of those escape artists, in my opinion, because she's fine as long as she sees Linda!"