K-9 Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

He slept through the entire ceremony, only waking up shortly to pose for the photo.

 It's not easy being a K-9 puppy, especially for inexperienced recruits. 

For Brody, the newest recruit to the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, Monday, April 6, 2020, was a momentous day.

That day was his ceremonial swearing-in ceremony.

For each newcomer to the community, the swearing-in ceremony is a momentous occasion that ceremonially ushers in their new role. 

However, Mondays are notorious for being rough, therefore Brody's swearing-in ceremony took place on that day.

Brody seems more interested in getting some rest than in the ceremony, even though I'm sure he was thrilled to start his new job. 

This 12-week-old chocolate Labrador puppy, who was sworn in as a stand-in for his partner, officer Keith Medeiros, slept through the entire ceremony. 

The ceremony quickly gained viral popularity after being streamed live on the Bristol, Rhode Island Police Department's official Facebook page. 

As Police Chief Kevin Lynch talked passionately about the tiny man, Brody was soundly asleep on the desk. 

He didn't wake up for the picture; he slept through the entire ceremony. 

Officer Medeiros, Brody's handler, stated to The Dodo, "He plays really hard, and he sleeps really hard." He sleeps a lot, therefore it's difficult for him to not sleep when he's not playing.

The fact that the dog was napping didn't seem to bother anyone because he appeared to be content and adorable.

People have praised the small K-9 for resting in the nearly one million views that the Facebook video has received since it was uploaded. 

"Your work is just getting started, so you'd better get some rest now. Woof," remarked a viewer. 

"This is a very big day for the Bristol Police Department and for our future," Chief Lynch declared. We're going to have a lot of success when Brody wakes up, and he's going to be a big deal for Bristol. I'll make sure of it.

As part of a new project to raise the standard of living for residents of the town and potentially serve as a liaison between the police and the community, Brody is the first Comfort and Therapy dog for the Bristol Police Department. 

As per the official webpage of Bristol, Rhode Island, K-9 The combination of two words that makes up Brody's name has important connotations. Rhode Island is represented by the letter "Rody," and the town of Bristol by the letter "B." (Source: )

The police agency initially considered bringing a bomb-sniffing dog, but ultimately chose to approve the suggestion made by School Resource Officer Medeiros regarding a therapy dog.

Meeting people in the neighborhood, going to schools and nursing homes, and providing consolation to crime victims will all be part of Brody's duties.

Therapy dogs are invaluable members of the community, helping people deal with stress, anxiety, PTSD, and a host of other emotions.  

Furthermore, it appears that Brody was just what Bristol needed, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"People are really stressed out, especially in law enforcement," stated Medeiros. People smile the moment Brody and I enter the police department. They enter a better place right away. It's just a really nice thing that they want to hug and pet him.

Though the small K-9 officer has a lot of duty ahead of him, I have no doubt that he will manage it expertly.

A great time is coming for him. All he has to do is get enough rest and sleep.

You may follow young Brody's Instagram page to stay up to date with him and see more of his gorgeous pictures. 

Greetings from the force, Brody K-9.

We hope you have many more wonderful years with the team, full of sweets, cuddles, and slumber. 

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