Despite weakening, his hopeful eyes ᴜгɡed rescuers, and under his new owner's care, the dog transformed remarkably. ‎

 RSPCA inspectors stated today that a dog that had been euthanized and was as "thin as a ŕkeɩetoο" had been dumped like trash on a busy Leeds walkway.

During midday on Wednesday, January 11, a dog walker along Bruntcliffe Road in Morley 

discovered the 10-year-old white and tan Staffordshire Bull, dubbed "X."

Officers are now pleading with anyone who knows the dog's origins to get in touch with the RSPCA right away.

Inspector Kris Walker stated: "This puppy was so skinny that he resembled a Keto." It makes sense that the woman who found him was quite upset.

We believe his poor, weak body was dumped there after he passed away since a veterinarian who later examined him believed he had been dead for about 48 hours when he was discovered.