Guardian Angel: Mother Dog Protects Her Cubs In Temporary Shelter On The Street ‎

Behind the tunnel, I noticed a dog and some puppies.

The dog kept a wary eye on me at all times.

Fortunately, I had already made some dog food.

since my friends' adorable puppy is likewise theirs.

I suggested that they have dinner; maybe the mother

canine and pups

had been starving for some time. Looking just over a month old, the dog

each time I stroke the puppy


With a growl, the mother dog turned to face me.

Now I have to head to work.

but I'm unable to leave her alone right now.

gave some eggs to the dog and

help ease her discomfort.

Next, offer some milk to the puppy to drink.

The body of the bitch is lean.

There's not enough milk for her to give the puppy.

After work, I'll accompany her to the company.

I'm taking them home with me.

the canine

and the puppy are really helpful to me.

After a lengthy travel, we eventually arrived at the company.

I placed her into a container.

and led her to the office's corner.

The puppy slept peacefully, and the canine mother

patiently endured the entire shift

without being disturbed

following work

.. I drove them to the veterinary clinic right away.

to ensure they were healthy

fortunately, every test result was positive.

I have to give them a bath first, then

let their fur dry. The two dogs appear to have gray fur.

not Caucasian

.. A solar-powered warming lamp is what I would want to get.

so as to prevent my two dogs from freezing at night.

The mother dog and the puppy are starting a fresh day today.

will begin an entirely new life.

Where I picked her up, I dropped her off.

to be sure no other dog escaped my notice. Eventually,

A mother canine had

not planning to search for her. If there were no more dogs, I had no doubts that

The mother was not going to

keeping an eye on things for a while. I was positive there were no more dogs.

I'm not coming back.

This location is close to a busy major route.

hence it's really risky,

It's time to bid this place farewell.

I prepared a large kettle of fish for them when I arrived home.

This dish had the dog so thrilled that

She remained by my side while I was cooking.

despite her extreme hunger.

She received food from the dog. Let's talk first about the puppies:

Mother dogs require a high nutritional intake.

to look after their pups.

It's day five since we adopted the mother dog and her puppies.

have adjusted to their new residence as of today.

This is the schedule for immunizations.

I grabbed them all.

All but these two dogs went to the vet facility.

I've previously adopted three other pets.

Perhaps this is the initial instance.

The mother has received her shots.

She is terrified as a result.

Thankfully, I had a

little trouble transporting a mother dog to the veterinarian

immunization, at the appropriate time for the shots

Every dog was really helpful to the doctor.

Thankfully, when the injection time arrived

Every dog was really cooperative when interacting with the physician.

Finding the mother dog and the puppies made me very happy. When

I gave her some thinking.

and ponder where on the street I reside,

I'm depressed once more.

Time to head back. Now that you're all healthier,

My dogs will all be content.