He Lay Motionless in the Rain Beside the Highway, Desperately Waiting for Help ‎

 "As I was driving, I saw a dog stumbling! Nonetheless, I felt that he was in danger! I went once more. When I returned, he was just lying in a puddle of water in the rain on the edge of the road!According to Fahrudin Caki Brav

It appeared as though he had given up and was saying, "I can't take it anymore," when he was mendacity down.I could tell he was having trouble. "Can we make a deal?" I asked him.Don't turn things over right away! Here I am, exactly! You don't hurt me too much, and I'll be here to support you! All right?According to Fahrudin

Fahrudin drove him to the veterinarian. You can get an X-ray to see what's broken! Veterinarians are especially concerned about internal accidents that resemble bleeding.

His title is Maddox, and he can work with flexibility. The doctors have been doing everything they can to save her life, and following further consultation with experts, the spinal surgery may be performed outside of the large clinic.

"MADOX, He's preparing for what will likely be the most important battle of his life! A spine surgeon is prepared to try (spinal surgery procedure) to give Maddox a chance.

He was quite astute and varied, acting as though he understood where they were going and what was going on!

The surgeon concluded that the surgical operation was not necessary after doing the analysis. Since there are few opportunities, almost none will move, and then something similar to fate happened! The surgeon claimed that in a similar circumstance, he was able to walk.
"I asked him to come, shall we try?"When the doctor mentioned Fahrudin, he said, "Nicely, I'm giving him a ten percent probability!"

They might try something unthinkable! Still, nothing is inconceivable!

16 days later, the Maddox is unlikely, kind, and nice! In the same way as for the second. He was able to balance on his own two feet! But for now, that's all I have. An hour later, he had to go back to his field.
We shouldn't hold out hope for miracles! However, miracles do happen! He thinks that because he is a strong warrior, he will be able to walk.