Little Koala clung to his Mother along the way during her Life-Saving Surgery!!! They were Heartbreaking...

 For a baby, nothing matters more than their mother. This is such a moving picture!

I'm so happy that mom and the child could remain together! What a cute couple they are! I'm sending you plenty of hugs, kisses, and love.
Sometimes Humans Are Not As Emotional As Animals 🥰🤷


This mother koala goes by Lizzy; she was hit by a car in Australia, resulting in a collapsed lung and facial injuries. The kind folks came to her aid right away and brought her to the emergency room.
Luckily, her infant son Phantom was unharmed. Due to his young age, the professionals determined that he ought to remain with his mother.

It's great to know both will survive!

The only thing he could do for his mother when he discovered she wasn't conscious was give her a strong hug because he was so scared and perplexed!

Phantom stayed by Lizzy's side the entire examination and operation, giving her lots of embraces, and it seemed to be working.

Animals are incredibly devoted and sincere. I hope your mother is doing well.

They're on their way home, the surgery went well, and Lizzy will be well soon!
The veterinary institute personnel was moved to tears when they witnessed that scene, demonstrating how precious mother's love is!

So charming... I hope Mama Bear is doing better now ❤️❤️

Beautiful and a little sad because the infant can't comprehend what's happening to its mother. When mom woke up following the operation, it must have been wonderful to see the hugs.

Animals are sentient and capable of loving. I'm grateful that you were able to save her and keep them together. I think that maybe having her baby with her helped her survive 🙂

A mother's and baby's bond is incredibly powerful!

Glad the baby stayed with its mother; I hope everything is good between them. ❤💶💐🎉🙏

I'm hoping for Mom's full and speedy recovery‼️ Her priceless child adores and needs her‼️