Miraculous Survival: Abandoned Two-Legged Dog Defies the Odds Alone....?

When the dog hops around looking for food, why doesn't anyone notice that it only has one back leg?

An arresting image of a dog on the side of the road with its back legs amputated has gone viral and is pleading for food. There is a lot of curiosity about what caused this dog to act aggressively.

In the video, a Thai dog that was begging for food by the side of the road was assisted and given some. The dog was skeletonized, terribly underweight, and had no flesh at all, giving the impression that he had just been through a fire that scorched bystanders.

The supper used to be great, but the dog seemed to have been ravenous for a while. The viewers are shattered by the serious glances of the onlookers riveted on the camera. The dog was standing on his other two legs despite having his back legs misplaced.

The dog probably went through extended periods of malnutrition because it used to enjoy eating.

Many people have viewed and shared the video. The arrival of this wretched dog was delayed because most of them were preoccupied with work.

"I have to scavenge for food by the side of the road like this because I don't know where my owner is," V.A. wrote on Facebook. "I won't have to hold back my tears when I see it anymore," she remarked.

Please try your hardest to save this dog if he is still in Vietnam; if not, I will take him in and look after him. A reliable buddy named T.L. remarked, "May God bless him with many fantastic problems."

Though it's unclear at this time if this dejected dog is a stray, help has been requested multiple times. Over time, the dog should receive the greatest nutrition and care possible. 

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