Punish sisters that starved their pet dog for weeks!

Buenos Aires, Argentina: These two sisters have left their dog to starve; they failed to feed the helpless animal for weeks and, as the result of this gross neglect, the poor dog was barely able to stand on its feet. Luckily, neighbors saw the dog the dog in distress and decided not to look the other way, eventually rescuing the abused canine.

In the photo above, the 2 sisters are seen smiling while at a celebration. Within the mean time, their pet dog was fighting for his life at home! I will be able to never understand such people – why get a dog in the first place if you're unable or curious about taking care of him? Karen Antonella Jugo and Micaela Agustina Jugo bent party while their pet dog was struggling to survive reception.

After being rescued, the dog was rushed to the hospital and, after weeks of intensive medical aid, he has fully recovered. he's now with a replacement family, that loves and values him. Argentina has an in situ animal protection law (national law No. 14.346). We demand that the law be implemented, and these nuns will be punished appropriately for all the suffering they cause.

The names of the teenage abusers are Karen Antonella Jugo and Micaela Agustina Jugo. Their address: Julian Alvarez 1668, 1º E, Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires.Buenos Aires.

No animal deserves to be treated like this. Dogs are truly man's best friends and that they deserve all the love and a spotlight in the world. Your support is required to make sure these cruel sisters don't escape with what they did!
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