Caring Female Dog Escapes From Kennel To Comfort Two Scared Foster Puppies

In Canada, a dog motel’s camera caught something amazing and really sweet. The Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming site, which is also a foster center, was ready to capture on their security camera a dog sneaking out and escaping her kennel just to cuddle with the puppies who were terrified and crying.

A dog named Maggie is boarding in one of their kennels. Near her kennel were two puppies around nine to 10 weeks old. Alex Aldred and his mother Sandy work at a pet motel. They are watching the reception of surveillance cameras and they see Maggie escaping from her kennel. Sandy rushed to the power, Maggie then led her to the kennel where the puppies are, signaling that she wants to be with them.

Awwww…Maggie is such a sweet dog!

According to ABC News, Maggie had had a litter of her own and that they were all adopted. Maggie features a loving home too, but the 2 foster puppies were up for adoption at the time.
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