Man Scooped Up Dying Puppy, Laid Him On His Chest & They Rescued Each Other

Feeling his heartbeat, knowing he was there regardless of what, changed the puppy forever. And therefore, the man too! When a small puppy was found clinging to life, rescuers from Dallas RRR knew he had little time to waste. They rushed the small fella, that they had named Stuart, to the center. He could hardly open his eyes or hold his head. StuartStewart is trying to measure.measure. HeHis astonishing weight is only 0.8 pounds.

Because he was so small, Stuart was classified as a Chihuahua. But the sweet boy was actually a Pit Bull. That’s how emaciated and underground he was— he didn’t even appeared to be a Pit Bull! Stuart’s blood work came back and then the results were very poor. He was so severely anemic from fleas and ticks that he needed immediate blood transfusions. Stuart’s first 48 hours were the scariest. He was in and out of consciousness. His condition was poor, but his rescuers continued to fight for him. One among the rescuers states in the video below: “We’re going to do everything we will to save lots of this tiny boy.” And he means it! They spare no effort to urge Stewart to be healthy.  
Miraculously, in five days, Stuart came an extended way. that's when a lady, named Susan, stepped up to foster him. Stuart was happy to be in Susan’s home but he was still struggling. She explained in the video that this little guy was very drowsy and slept very deeply. Click Next to watch the video ....


Susan says five days after she brought Stuart home, he began to act sort of puppy because he felt such a lot better. It had been quite the sight to see– and a victory in Stuart’s journey.

Susan’s brother Shane came to visit to satisfy Stuart. 2 It hits it off. Stuart climbed up onto the couch as Shane was resting and he just laid his head on his chest. Shane said right then and there that he wanted to adopt Stuart. It had been clearly meant to be! This little dog who is obsessed with life now has an eternal home. This once “Chihuahua” grew fast, and healthy, into the foremost beautiful Pit Bull. We won’t despoil it. you've got to find out his transformation for yourself in the video. Let’s just say he looks nothing just like the struggling tiny puppy from before! Shane, his new dad, joyfully takes the deserving dog everywhere he goes. Austin is dog-friendly so, it’s easy for Stuart to hitch Shane just about everywhere. They are going on daily adventures together! Stewart also has a favorite place, and Dad takes him to the place where he really shines. Just wait until you watch the video and see it for yourself. We can’t stop smiling!

Stewart may be a healthy big boy now. you've got to find out his transformation. It’ll offer you all the feels. ManyThank you very much Dallas RRR for saving his life. Thank you, Susan and Shane! you're all heroes!

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