help! Unwanted Pit Bull Saved Litter Of Puppies From Dump & Still Rots In Shelter

Adopted then returned three times, Harold is a good boy and a hero. Yet he waits and waits.

Please share and pass this story onto a friend or family member above! For many shelter animals, finding a home is a challenge. For Harold, finding a FOREVER home was his issue. He had been adopted several times but on all those occasions, he was returned to the shelter. Oh, there were many excuses but none that made sense. The shelter volunteers that knew Harold didn’t get it. He was a good boy with an excellent disposition. Still, he sat in his kennel and waited, and waited. It was devastating.

Then, at some point Harold made a reputation for himself. When a shelter volunteer, named Marlena, took him from his kennel for his daily walk, he led her to a dumpster behind the shelter. He was insistent and kept pulling her. There was a newborn puppy in the dustbin inside! He saved a whole litter of abandoned puppies! due to Harold’s keen nose and quick-thinking, their lives were spared and every one the puppies were adopted. If it weren’t for Harold, they wouldn’t have survived!

Sadly, although Harold was hailed a hero, made a reputation for himself and even had newspaper articles written about him, No one came forward to adopt him. It doesn't make any sense! Marlena continues to walk with Harold in the shelter day after day. She still had no idea why this sweet pup wasn’t finding a home. He was a hero and adorable and well-behaved. What was happening here?! Marlena felt terrible, soSo she started taking Harold on a day trip, including a walk. He loved every minute of it.

Marlena scratched her head. What in the world made Harold “unadoptable?” Since he was just about the right dog, a minimum of in her eyes, she felt she was the sole one that really understood him. Then, Marlena had her “Ah-Ha” moment! There was no other choice. She was meant to be Harold’s mom.

The next day, Marlena made it official. The staff at the shelter are very excited! They said ‘goodbye’ to Harold knowing this bye-bye would be final (and that’s an honest thing!) Harold got into Marlena’s backseat thinking they were happening their usual excursion but once they turned down Marlena’s street, Harold stood at attention. Where were they going?! Marlena said over and over to Harold, “We are going home, sweet boy, we are going home!” to find out what happens next (like Harold’s first time at a pet store and his first time doing Zoomies — which is friggin’ amazing– click play on the video below!)

Let’s just say that Harold’s happily ever after is crammed with puppy cakes, daily cuddle sessions, and lots of awesome adventures. We want to offer a special shout bent The Dodo for creating this amazing video, to Marlena for having an open heart, and to Harold for being the incredible dog that he's. Please watch the video, not doing so will deprive you of numerous smiles!

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