Despondent Baby Ravaged By Parasites Fought To Stay Awake On Roadside

 He couldn't keep his head up any longer. His eyes were closing for good. He was losing his battle to stay alive but then a voice came calling.

It is soul-crushing when any animal suffers. But when their tragic story ends happily, that's a victory we must celebrate.

A tiny puppy was found all on his own. He lost his mom tragically and had nobody to worry for him. He sat on the side of the road, expecting help or he had given up and was expecting the inevitable. He was weak and he knew he didn’t have much time.

The fleas ravaged his tiny body. He was anemic from all the blood-sucking parasites. He was also malnourished from not having the ability to seek out food on his own. Thankfully, a short woman spotted him and took him to the nearby vet clinic.

Everything about the puppy was evaluated.everything. The primary step was to offer him a flea bath then warm him up and let him rest. He had an honest meal. In fact, he even smiled at his new friends! He understood he was safe, finally, and will just be a puppy!

Afterward, he slept for hours. The small guy was so tired from trying to carry his body up while on the side of the road. It was heartbreaking to understand how exhausted he was but heartwarming that he could finally rest. Seeing the small pup all snuggled in, warm and happy, may be a game changer!

The little puppy won the hearts of many! Everyone in the veterinary clinic went crazy with his unwavering spirit. He understood, once rescued, that he was one among the lucky ones. He went from being scared and despondent to genuinely happy and carefree. Soon, someone stepped up and offered him a gorgeous home! He even met his new feline sibling. The little puppy was truly transformed. He went from being on a, struggling every single day, to having a roof over his head and being loved 24/7!

Check out the small pup’s rescue story for yourself below. We are so grateful for each one that steps up to assist an animal in need. This puppy would have perished but for the kindness of others!

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